Welcome to the Concierge-Style Psychiatry Practice of Dr. Casey Lester

Welcome! Dr. Casey Lester specializes in the mental well-being of children, adolescents, and young adults. With an esteemed educational background from Stanford and the University of California, Dr. Lester's practice uniquely combines evidence-based medicine with personalized care.

Why Choose This Practice?

Tailored, Compassionate Care

In Dr. Lester's boutique, concierge-style practice, patients are not just numbers. Each individual receives a treatment plan meticulously tailored to their specific emotional and psychological needs.

Youth Mental Health Focus

Dr. Lester has a particular passion for treating adolescents and young adults grappling with PTSD, OCD, anxiety disorders, and ADHD. His approach is warm, empathetic, and empowering, designed to help patients navigate the complexities of these formative years.

Comprehensive Healing

The practice incorporates elements that cater to emotional well-being, such as animal-assisted therapy. Elmo, a trained therapy dog, adds a comforting, non-judgmental presence to the healing environment.

Support for Veterinary Professionals

Dr. Lester also has a unique focus on the mental health of veterinary professionals, recognizing the emotional toll that their important work can take.

Advanced Technology

The practice employs state-of-the-art technology, including features like automatic out-of-network reimbursement filing, patient self-scheduling, automated psychometrics, and secure telehealth appointments available throughout California.

Dr. Casey Lester

Dr. Casey Lester is a child, adolescent, & adult psychiatrist who combines high-grade, evidence-based medicine with warmth, empathy, and a safe, therapeutic environment.